Framing, if desired..

Work Begins!

We work together to choose the best layout

Every portrait starts with a great reference photo!

Let me take care of the framing for you! Nothing completes a portrait more than a beautiful frame job. I LOVE seeing my portraits all framed up before I send them off and am happy to arrange this for you.

I work closely with an amazing local framer in Toronto, and can quote to have your piece framed for you prior to pickup. Framing costs are added to your total bill.

Depending on the complexity of the portrait and your preference, I may send a few photos along the way to ensure we're on the same page.

I always send a final high-res photo for you to approve before final payment. If any small adjustments need to be made, I can do them at this stage.

Once the reference photo is chosen, we chat about what your vision is for your portrait. This could be influenced by the decor in your house, the personality of your pet, your favourite colour, or anything else really!

If you are looking to Incorporate multiple subjects in your portrait I may create a few photoshop mockups to help you chose the best positioning.

While I aim to produce the best work possible with every portrait, I rely heavily on quality reference photos that show-off the subject's unique traits. The best reference photos have the subject's face well lit, true to colour, and are taken at face-level--yes, this may mean getting down on the floor! If the photo showcases some personality, even better! I love a happy drooly smile, mischievous eyes, or an old-fashioned head tilt!

Base Price list

Starting at $175

5 x 7" . . .

Here is my base price for the most commonly requested sizes. Custom sizes are always available and priced on an ad-hoc basis.

These prices are for single-subject head & shoulder portraits with simple, neutral backgrounds. I am happy to quote for more detailed backgrounds, multiple subjects, or full body portraits as well. Second subjects typically add 50% to the portrait value, but are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Starting at $350

8 x 10" . . .

Starting at $550

11 x 14" . . .

Starting at $750

16 x 20" . . .

Starting at $1000

20 x 28" . . .


This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked. If you are local, I am more than happy to come out and meet you to take some reference photos for a small additional travel fee. You would get to keep 5-10 high-res photos from the mini-shoot, and choose the best one for your portrait. If you are not local, or if your pet is unfortunately not with us anymore, I am happy to look at an array of photos and combine a few different ones for the final portrait.

What if I don't have any good reference photos?

Depending on size and complexity, portraits can take anywhere from 5-10 hours for smaller portraits, to 250+ hours for large complex portraits! I never skimp on details to save times, and will put in whatever hours necessary to create a piece of art that will be treasured forever.

In terms of wait times--it varies. I typically have at least a 1-3 month waiting period, so please inquire early if you are hoping to have a portrait done by a special date! Most years I book up completely for the holidays by September/October (though I do try to leave a few last-min spots open).

How long does a portrait take?

Yes! Absolutely! I mail out about 1/3 of the portrait I do--the only condition is that it cannot be shipped framed. Unfortunately due to the nature of pastel the portrait must be shipped flat, sandwiched between two pieces of board to keep it protected.

I am able to ship raw portraits anywhere throughout Canada, the US, and Internationally! I have shipped as far as Ireland and Australia! Please let me know when ordering if you would like a shipping quote as well.

Do you mail portraits?

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